Ile Saint-Louis

We are coming from Sully's Bridge ((see main page Ile Saint-Louis) and we start by quai d'Anjou with hôtel Lambert (though the huge works are still hiding it ...).

Hôtel Lambert - 1, quai d’Anjou                                             Hôtel Lambert in 2012 before the fire in July 2013     
in 1898 by Atget
(Mission du Patrimoine Photographique)

Hôtel Lambert - Quai d'Anjou

Hôtel Lambert in 2012 before the fire

Among the private mansion houses built in that time, hotel Lambert was one of the finest. It was built in 1644 for a rich man, Jean-Baptiste Lambert, minister of Finance under King Louis XIII. The greatest artists of that time,  the architect Le Vau and the interior designers Le Sueur and Lebrun were called upon its construction.

Extensive rehabilitation work undertaken by its last owner, the emir’s brother of Qatar were discussed at length in our local newspapers, but emotion in this debate really peaked when a fire in July 2013 seriously damaged a part of the mansion, especially the cabinet des Bains designed by Eustache Le Sueur. It has been said that this room was Voltaire’s private apartment when his mistress, the marquise du Châtelet bought the hotel.

Gate, 5 quai d'Anjou
by Atget
(Musée Carnavalet)

Hôtel de Marigny - Quai d'Anjou

Let's walk a little bit further. We go past the Hôtel de Marigny, 5 quai d'Anjou, built in 1633 and owned later by Marquis Poisson de Marigny, brother of Madame de Pompadour (Louis XV's favorite). All the buildings, from 9 to 15 quai d'Anjou were owned by a same man, Louis Lambert de Thorigny. As Jean-Baptiste Lambert's  brother, he inherited Hôtel Lambert too. He was so rich that he owned more than fourteen houses of the island ...